How I Got Into Supernatural

Hi Friends so you’re probably wondering, “How did this girl become so obsessed with Supernatural and Disney that she made a whole blog about this and her family?”. Or….. You’re laughing and saying “HA MEEEEEE”.

Okay so I moved mid-junior year of high school from Pennsylvania to Florida. I lived in Pennsylvania my whole life so this was the hardest thing that’s happened to me and it hasn’t been all blue-skies and palm trees if you know what I mean. It’s hard to transfer from a school I love with people I love to a place where I know nobody and am completely alone. I have this hole in my heart that I can’t fill and I just feel empty and alone and like I’m just going through the motions.

So one day, about two months ago, I am crying over missing my friends and looking on Netflix burying my feelings and stumble upon and old show I used to watch a couple of years ago, Supernatural. I start to watch this show again and for the first time since I’ve moved I smiled, like actually smiled. It partially filled that hole that was left when I moved. It became the thing I looked forward to watching all the time.

So now I watch this show all the time and for those 40 minutes that the show is on I have a huge smile on my face.

Ok onto the good stuff… I want to make enough money to finally meet these people and thank them in person for making me smile. I guess you could say they gripped me tight and pulled me out of depression. I am going to try to make all the money I can to meet them because… well…. my family can’t really afford to be sending me to conventions so if I want to go I have to make this money myself or look to others for help. I was thinking of starting up a Go Fund Me but I’m not sure if that would be abuse of the site? Someone just lemme know if you think I should. Okay thanks guys thats all for now I think?



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