Wow I’ve posted a lot but right now it’s 12:35am and I am re-watching Supernatural and I am wide-awake. I am conflicted because I want snacks and I don’t know if I want cheese-itz or goldfish or both or if I should get some pie the next time I go to the store and hide it from my family.

Do you ever binge-watch on Netflix and it asks you “Are you still watching Supernatural?” Like um excuse me if it’s still playing yes I am still watching it. I have no life so my time is spent doing schoolwork, reading, planning Disney trips that most likely won’t happen, eating, watching Netflix, and figuring out a way to go to the Supernatural Convention.

What was I talking about before? Oh, right. Food. I still don’t know what to eat. Okay I’m gonna try a discussion question. What’s your favorite kind of pie? Don’t ask why pie and not anything else I’m watching Supernatural and thought of pie okay? Anyways, I probably will end up posting again in a little bit.

Carry on my Wayward Daughters/Sons!!

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