The Journey Begins

Hi I’m Sarah! You probably clicked on this page because… Well… I’m not sure why. But while you’re here might as well enjoy some quality entertainment. This page is filled with Disney and Supernatural references and stories of my crazy family (but mostly Supernatural). I am a complete nerd and if you ever need to fangirl you can always message me!

Anywho, the main purpose of this blog is to make enough money to go to a Supernatural Convention and meet the people that have made me smile for at least 40 minutes on a Thursday and longer when I rewatch them on Netflix. This happens to be the only time I smile since I have moved.

Welp, enjoy the various posts I make about my wacky family and my love of Supernatural and Disney! I hope that one of the people from Supernatural sees this blog too because GOD THAT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE!!

(oH and if you like this blog leave me likes and comments to tell me how to make it better and if you want more pictures or quotes or what)

“Be strong in the moments where you want to be weak.”  — Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles)


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