On the Road to the Convention…

Alright, today has been decent. I got 3 job interviews lined up for this week. If I can get hired by one of them that would be great because I could start working and start earning money to go to the SPN convention in December. It’s going to cost a lot of money and take a lot of work for me to go but I feel like in the end it will all be worth it. I’m hoping I can at least afford a general admission ticket for my friend so we can get pictures taken together. I did figure out how much it’ll cost to go and meet everyone I want.

You can skip over this long list if you want because wow it took a while to figure this out:

  1. Gold Ticket costs $949.00+$8.20
    1. Includes:
      1. Reserved Seats
      2. Autographs from the following:
        1. Jensen Ackles
        2. Jared Padalecki
        3. Misha Collins
        4. Mark Pellegrino
        5. Adam Fergus
        6. David Haydn-Jones
        7. Kim Rhodes
        8. Emily Swallow
        9. Briana Buckmaster
      3. Priority Lines
      4. Admission to the Saturday Night Concert
      5. Priority Registration
      6. Collectible Credentials
      7. Exclusive J2 Panel on Sunday
      8. If Applicable, the chance to renew for next years Jacksonville convention
      9. Access to Karaoke Kings Concert Party Night
      10. Admission to Vendors Room
    2. Doesn’t Include:
      1. Photo-Ops
      2. Hotels Room
  2. Photo-Op Costs
    1. Jensen Ackles- $169
    2. Jared Padalecki- $169
    3. Misha Collins- $99
    4. Mark Pellegrino- $70
    5. Kim Rhodes- $55
    6. Castiel(Yes Misha is going to be in character and costume at the convention)- $149
    7. J2 Sandwich- $389
    8. R2- $69
    9. J2M(if it’s offered)- $419???
  3. Hotel Costs
    1. 1 room 2-3 people
      1. $477 for all three nights
  4. Total Costs
    1. A-Total+Hotel
      1. $3,014
    2. B-Total+Hotel-J2M-Mark-Jensen-Jared
      1. $2,187
  5. To afford the options above:
    1. To afford option A:
      1. I would need to work for at least 6 hours making $8/hr 4 days a week for 14 weeks (my dad is paying for the hotel room)
    2. To afford option B:
      1. I would need to work for at least 6 hours making $8/hr 4 days a week for 9 weeks (again my dad is paying for the hotel room)
    3. BUT.. the important part is making the $949 before it’s sold out so I can go

Have any of you been to a SPN convention? If you have and assuming you got pictures, do you have any cute or funny photo-op ideas? I’m also like super nervous because if I meet these people, I don’t know what I’ll do. I think the first thing I’ll tell them is thank you because these people have a show that I absolutely love and put a smile on my face for the first time in a while. Hopefully I don’t burst into tears until after the pictures are done. If I can only do a few photo-ops which ones should I do?


Also, do you have any ideas for cosplay for the three days? I was thinking on the day I meet Jensen and Jared I should dress like Baby(the Impala) or Deanmon because Misha will be dressed and in character as Cas on that day and on the day I meet Misha I should dress like Meg or Dean. I think on the first day since it’s more partying and meeting other fans and such I think I’ll just load up on fan gear and supernaturalbound as Becky or one of the fans from one of the fan episodes.

Should I have them sign the replica of John’s Journal I got? Oh and by the way if you ever want to invest in fan gear trust Creation Entertainment sites and Etsy because WOW I was really shocked and SUPER happy with how the journal looks. Okay if you’re going in December message me maybe we could meet up and fangirl over this or if you’re a boy fanboy/girl. Also if you’ve gone to a convention before let me know how it is and any tips you have for me. OH and if you guys can answer the questions up there that would help me narrow things down.

Okay that’s all for now!

Carry on my fellow Wayward Sons/Daughters!


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