Ok so I’m watching my baby brother and I put on Boss Baby, the cute little movie about how babies basically rule the house. So it gets to this one part where the Boss Baby is talking about a pie chart and then his brother goes off about what pies he likes. I swear Supernatural has ruined me because whenever I hear pie I think Dean.

After watching this movie I have determined that I need pie still. I have been having this debate with myself today about whether I should stay home after school or actually go to the gym or the pool and get some sunlight and social interaction and exercise. Immediately after having these thoughts I shiver in terror and return to the warmth and security of my blankets and eating ice cream and trying to find a job. My family asks me what I’m gonna do when I get a job and have to go to work and I simply tell them that I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I think that I’m just putting off thinking about having to do anything because I just am not motivated at all. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go to the gym for an hour workout after my job interview and then go to the pool for a swim. I’ll have to let you guys know what I decide.

Today I finally got my own domain!! WOOHOO!! Yes, I did turn on ads I’m sorry don’t hate me. I need to start making money for the convention of my dreams. If anyone who sees my blog could do me a huge favor and just share it everywhere and with everyone that would be great because I need all the views I can get. Also, if you have a Facebook or Twitter, which I’m sure most of you do, go and give me a like (@crazysupernaturallife) and a follow (@mycrazyspnlife) after you’re done reading this. I also made a group on Facebook where you can share your cosplay and stories and just talk so if you want to become a member to that just apply, I’m accepting everyone so don’t get worried about the questions they’re just for fun.

Carry On My Fellow Wayward Sons and Daughters!!

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