The Road to the Convention So Far….

Hey guys!! So today was a big day in my little world of hopes and dreams of going to the convention in December. I interviewed at three places and… drum roll please….. I got hired at two!!! I’m working at one place for one night a week, Mondays, and then at the other place for the rest of the time. I am so excited to start this road of saving for something I really want. I hope I can save enough in time to feel that sense of accomplishment of actually buying the tickets.

Do you guys ever get so tired that you actually can’t function and you just wanna cry because you’re so frustrated? That was me all day. I need to get more sleep but like I can’t sleep.

Oh! So me and my friend called that number Misha Collins put on his twitter and literally cried when we heard his voicemail because we just can’t even believe that we heard his actual voice. I sobbed like a baby so I can only imagine how I’m gonna be if I meet him. I hope I don’t pass out. Or if I meet Jensen and Jared I’ll be ten times worse. These people are like all I have in Florida and they are the only thing here that makes me happy.

Okay that’s all for now!!

Carry on my wayward sons/daughters

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