First Day!!

First day of work!!! I loved it so much!! If my other job doesn’t work out I will definitely be keeping this one. All of my coworkers are super nice and I’m glad I’m working at this place. I didn’t get my nails taken off for my one job even though they didn’t tell me I had too until today aka the day before my training and no it was not in the dress outline I got so I’m hoping I can still do orientation. I just don’t get why my nails have to come off if it’s a retail job and the lady told me that it’s because I’m working with food but I’m not I’m working with clothes and toys. Oh well I find out for sure tomorrow. I hope I can keep them because I really like them.

I was talking to my trainer today and he asked me if I was making money for anything specific and boy did I start ranting about this convention. He was laughing and saying that it sounds like something he would do. Based on how much I’m making i should be able to pay for the convention in a month and a half hopefully.

Okay that’s all for now!!

Carry On My Fellow Wayward Sons/Daughters!!!

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