Life Update

Hello everyone! I really let this blog get away from me. What can I say, life gets crazy. Things got rough but I made it through thankfully I was made fully aware that I’m not alone. Here’s a summary of what’s happened since I last updated:

  • Ended up moving home and finishing out my senior year with all of my friends and my boyfriend.
  • Did stage crew with my friends and we had the best play since we started there
  • Decided to put myself out there and join the choir
  • I auditioned for our variety show and was in it 3 times (1 organizing and being in a number bringing awareness to suicide, 1 was a solo, and 1 was with the choir)
  • My friends and I went to see Endgame and it was AMAZING
  • I then auditioned for the musical (which ended up being the best one in all 4 years) and was made a dance captain
  • I also ended up injuring myself during the last number of the last night of the musical which sucked but I powered through and ended up on crutches
  • Decided where I was going to college and then changed my mind LOLOLOLOLOL
  • I went to prom and had an absolute blast despite being in pain for some of the night (because I ditched the crutches) my friends and my boyfriend made me feel a lot better about the situation
  • Just took finals which were ok but OH BOY I feel like I failed my math exam
  • Now I’m getting ready to graduate and I can’t help but reflect on the amount I’ve grown just this year

Now that you’re all caught up time for some serious discussions. Supernatural….. is ended. Yes the tragic day is coming. Season 14 ended and wow that was a shock to me. Season 15 will only bring a fantastic story to a brilliant close (I hope). I’m not gonna lie I cried when I found out it was ending. My friends and boyfriend do not get why but you all do.

Welp I promise I’ll update more on here!!!

Carry On My Fellow Wayward Sons/Daughters!!!

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