Hey everyone.

I know it’s been a while. I moved home and ended up starting college and, what can i say, life got crazy.  I started this blog with the intention to only post about Supernatural and my life but I think it’s going to start expanding. As a person, I like other things. I still adore SPN don’t get me wrong but, I also love musical theatre and Disney and Star Wars and Marvel and DC. Those other things are huge huge HUGE parts of my life, especially Disney and musical theatre.

Starting now, I am going to try and post more but, it will a bigger variety in topics. I will do my best to organize this blog to better fit the new setup. Also, I am not an official vacation planner but, I have helped to plan vacations in the past and even have booked vacations for others before. So, as part of the changes to my blog, I am going to dedicate a page just for information about Walt Disney World planning and it will have reviews and pictures.

Hope you all enjoy the changes!

Happy Holidays Friends!!!

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