How to: Survive 2 Semesters in a Row of College

Hey Everyone!!

Welcome to the first post of the College Life page!! This post is gonna be the start of the “How To:” series I’m creating. It will be full of stories and advice and just things I’m learning as I go. Little tips and tricks and tidbits of information. Let’s get started.

So I am a freshman in college and my acceptance at my college was conditional. I had to take a semester in the summer and then go right into the fall semester with a couple days as a break. And….. It sucks. But before I get into that, I’ll give ya’ll a bit more info.

The summer was hot. Like HOT. My dorm had A/C which was nice when it worked and I walked to every class which were about 15 minutes away. Instead of going to the beach and seeing all of my friends before we all went our separate ways I was trapped with a roommate and 2 suite-mates I did NOT choose nor had any clue who they were or what they were like until about 3 days before move in. Because our stay was only for about 5-6 weeks and none of us were given enough time to communicate, we ended up not having a fridge, TV, or microwave in our room. Which actually wasn’t that bad. My roommate and I got off to a good start and she was sweet butttttttttt there were a couple minor things that I had issues with and ended up talking to her about later (I’ll make a whole post about that when I talk about roommates though). Math was at 9am everyday which wasn’t torture, we had required tutoring sessions which were hellish and then these classes just about time management and stuff like that which were pointless because we had to retake it in the Fall anyways (sense made 0), and then there was English which I loved because my Prof was funny and the material was Harry Potter and The Hobbit (inner nerd SQUEEEE). Minus the heat and the fact I wanted more time with my friends, I actually enjoyed the summer session. I made lots of friends in my dorm and the RA’s kept in touch and were very helpful during the fall and my boyfriend visited me like every other day. By the end of the semester we had to move out of that dorm and then move into our fall assigned dorms.

So after the summer session was over, we moved out for about 5 days maybe and then moved into different rooms and, for some of us, different buildings. It was kind of a culture shock going from seeing those people all the time to like not at all. I learned very quickly that some of my friends I was only friends with because we lived in the same building and had a class with them. We move in to our “new” dorms with the roommates we chose when filling out the plethora of forms at the beginning of the semester. I discover on move-in day that my dorm not only has no A/C but also has no elevators and is kinda grimy and, as voted by the students, the second worst dorm on campus. Yeah, I felt cheated because in the summer I had this amazing dorm and now I’ve epically downgraded. Me and my roommate kept our door shut, the windows open, and the fans running the whole time.

Now, after move-in day and all of the freshman festivities (which I did not enjoy as they only caused anxiety) classes began. My classes were not very difficult I must admit but something happened to me in the middle of the semester. I became burnt out. I did not want to leave bed and really was not having a good time. I was so mentally drained from the summer semester that my easy classes became very difficult very quick. I didn’t know how to explain it to anyone. It was all happening so fast and then I blinked and here I am now typing this blog post.

My advice to overcome this and what I wish I had heard when everything went crazy is: take that mental health day, go see the counselor, drop that class you’re struggling in, and celebrate the little wins. As stupid as it may sound, celebrate getting up to go to class, celebrate that 70 you got in a class you may not be doing so well in, celebrate the fact that you put on pants and went to dinner with friends because when I started doing that it helped me feel better. Even though this is kind of touchy advice I’m gonna say it anyways: if your family is stressing you out or is contributing to you feeling burnt out then don’t talk to them as much. I love my parents but we have had a lot going on in our family and I needed to distance myself a bit. In the end it helped. I’m not saying that, that’s for everyone because I know some people who talk to their parents everyday and they are thriving and that’s amazing. But, if you are one of those people who need some space from their family trust me take it and do not feel guilty. The main person you need to look out for is yourself.  Take a deep breath you’ve got this. Believe in yourself and everything is going to be okay.

Hope you enjoyed my nuggets of wisdom.

Talk later friends!!

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