Planning a Disney Trip With a First-Timer

You and your friend(s) or loved one(s) finally decided it was time for a vacation. You deserve it after all of the hard work you’ve done. You deliberate for days upon weeks for the PERFECT vacation spot. Then, suddenly, it dawns upon you…. Walt Disney World in Florida. The mouse, the castles, the happy smiling faces stuffed full of mickey bars everywhere. Perfection. Only to discover that your friend(s) or loved one(s) have never been. They have never had felt the joy of seeing the mouse or smelled the delightful aromas coming from Main Street Bakery as you walk into Magic Kingdom or even cried from seeing the fireworks No matter how many times you have seen it. They are hesitant and then, just as you had feared when you brought up the idea, they utter the words: “Isn’t Disneyland just for kids?” Just like that it has been settled. Your friend(s) or loved one(s) have just decided 2 things for themselves: 1) You will instill in them that it is Disney WORLD because it is Florida and DisneyLAND is in California and 2) Your vacation spot will be Disney World and you are now going to have the BEST. TRIP. EVER!!!

Hope you liked my intro. Now here’s some real life backstory. Me and my boyfriend of almost 4 years have decided that since we are now both of age, have been together for so long, have an anniversary to celebrate, and have worked our butts off we were going to go on vacation. Of course me being the Disney Fanatic that I am, I suggested that we go there and he just rolled his eyes. He “doesn’t get the hype” because he has never been. Yeah, I wasn’t standing for that and immediately began searching up the cheapest ways possible to do this trip because Disney is EXPENSIVE. I don’t think he’s seen me this determined since I made it my mission to come back here in the first place. Obviously because of school we can’t go during the typical cheap and non-crowded times so I shot for the best I could do and the best I could find was 5 days in August of 2020.

I am by 0 means made of money. I am POOR. However, I do work as does he. I calculated how much it would cost us including the flights there and back, meals/snacks we will need to pay for, and souvenirs (Mickey Ears, keychains, etc.). Me and him could save a less than half of our paychecks and be able to pay off the vacation by the date it would be due IF we book it with a certain amount payment at the end of December.

Due to my persistence, he agreed to this. He only needs to get the okay from his family as well. My family, being about as crazy about Disney as I am, kind of laughed but are actually pretty cool with it. In my next few posts I will be making kind of a guideline I’m following in planning this vacation because going with someone who has never been there is VERY different then going there with people who go a lot or going by yourself.

See ya soon!!

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