Step 1: The Right Time and Resort

CONGRATS!! You convinced your friend(s) or loved one(s) to come to Disney with you. Now you need to figure out when you’re going and where you’re staying.

Part 1

So it’s time to figure out when to go. There are so many different times of the year and of course everyone has a different schedule. If, like me, you are a poor college student I would suggest going about a year from the day you start planning and go preferably during your winter break like 1 week after New Years. The crowds should be down and the prices should be cheaper. If that doesn’t float your boat then shoot for right before college starts back up in August. Now, before my fellow Disney fanatics go into uproar because I dare suggest August of all times to go, hear me out. If you go right at the end of August just before college starts back up at the end but just after regular school is in session then you are golden. I found a 5 day trip at a decent resort for just about 2700 and yes that is a lot but that is including meal plan, tickets with park hopper, hotel, and memory maker. The prices could be a lot worse. Yes the heat sucks but it won’t be as crowded as normal.

If you, on the other hand, have a bit more flexible schedule then I suggest the spring before kids/college students spring breaks or after their spring breaks or look into coming in the fall. Not during the peak of Food & Wine because it gets CRAZY and not during prime time for Mickeys Not So Scary as it will also be packed but in the little in between periods. Multiple websites have charts and schedules which depict when the least crowded and cheapest times to go are which I have always found very helpful.

Part 2

You got through step 1 and chose your time frame. Great! Here’s a fun part: picking the resort. Now, as the expert in the room, you have your own personal favorite or shall we call it your “home resort”. Your home resort, as you know, is the one you go back to every time you visit the beloved mouse. It is full of happy memories and a sense of familiarity and, if you go enough, you may even know a cast member or two.

While you have your favorite resort, it is important to look into a couple others that may suite the style, or price range, of those you’re going with. My home resort is…… Pop Century. I absolutely love the food, the theming, the cast members, and just everything about it. Because Pop Century is a value resort it is within me and my boyfriends price range however, I did show him the All-Stars because they are cheaper. He favored the Pop over the All-Stars and, after running up the numbers, it would only be about a $50 difference between the Pop and the All-Stars so we are going with Pop Century. It was easy for me but it may not be so easy for you. You might be a person who is used to going to the Polynesian or the Contemporary and now you have to go to Caribbean Beach or maybe even an All-Star. While there is nothing wrong with any of the resorts listed, it is a change and you can lose that familiarity. For example, if you stay at the Contemporary you can walk to EPCOT or take the monorail right from your resort. But, if you stay at All-Star Movies suddenly your method of transportation is the bus if you want something that doesn’t cost extra. The fun part of this step is when you find something in your price range that you all enjoy and you look at pictures and start to get excited. Whether it be your home resort or a resort you’ve never even step foot in, it will be one of the first stops on your trip where the memories will begin.

Stay tuned for planning out your days!!

See ya later!!

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