How to: Transition from High School

Hi Everyone!! Welcome back!!!

Up until I got into college I never fully understood what everyone meant when they said that the transition from high school to college can be jarring and even then I never thought that I would have a difficult time. Let me tell you that at some point in time during your first semester all of the pressure will hit you like a ton of bricks and it sucks. It could happen your first day, week, month, or it could happen at the most random time in the middle of the semester.

For me, it happened when I got my first math test back. I thought I did well on it. How could I not? It was a math course where I had learned half of the material in high school and the other half was just statistics. Should’ve been an easy at least B-. The lectures and notes were fine and I understood it all and could apply it well. In class, I was fine whether that be homework, group work, or in-class assignments. When it came to that first test, I felt like I did alright. Boy was wrong! I got a 56 on the first test and the average for the class was a 54. When I got back to my dorm that day it not only hit me that this was not gonna be like my high school math class but also that none of this was like high school. This one test triggered so much self doubt and made me realize how much I actually missed high school and my friends and family. The confidence I had going into college was suddenly diminished. I was worn down and tired and, to make it all worse, IT WAS ONLY THE SECOND WEEK! When everything came crashing down in my little world I forgot the most important things: to let myself feel everything going on, to rely on those that love me, and to celebrate the little wins.

I attempted to shut out my feelings in hopes that it would fix my problems and (spoiler alert!!) it didn’t work. In fact, it did the opposite and made everything worse. That’s when I realized that I couldn’t go through this alone so I reached out to my loved ones for help. My best friend and my boyfriend helped me a lot by reminding me that I could’ve done a lot worse. Yes I got a 56 but I did not fail and I was above the class average. They let me cry to them and complain about everything that was getting me down and even encouraged me to make new friends. If I didn’t fall back on my loved ones then, than I wouldn’t have the friends I have now and I would definitely not be even slightly confident in myself. I started to celebrate the little wins like getting up for breakfast and getting to bed before 3am.

The best advice I can give to all of you incoming college freshmen is to realize that this is not high school. Yes the professors can be fun and some may even randomly cancel class or make it the easiest class in the world for you but not every professor is going to be like that. Do NOT get comfortable and NEVER let your guard down. You have more freedom don’t abuse it. Try to go to all of your classes as long as you are not deathly ill and as long as your mental health is okay. However NEVER EVER begin to make excuses for yourself for being lazy. There is a huge difference between laziness and the genuine need for a day off.

See ya’ll soon!!!

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