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Long Time No See

Written by: Sarah Smith Hi blog, it's been a while. In my absence, a few different things have happened. My Disney College Program was cancelled, I switched schools, started a new job, and I just returned from a trip to Disney World with my boyfriend. Overall, this past year has been full of twists and … Continue reading Long Time No See

How to: Know You Made the Right Choice

By: Sarah Smith Alright so, you have read up, toured (maybe), and applied to multiple schools and you finally think you've found THE ONE. The others were fine but this one is different. It has that club, sport, class, program, campus, atmosphere, person, etc. (DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE STRICTLY BECAUSE OF A SIGNIFICANT OTHER OR … Continue reading How to: Know You Made the Right Choice

Planning a Disney Trip With a First-Timer

You and your friend(s) or loved one(s) finally decided it was time for a vacation. You deserve it after all of the hard work you've done. You deliberate for days upon weeks for the PERFECT vacation spot. Then, suddenly, it dawns upon you.... Walt Disney World in Florida. The mouse, the castles, the happy smiling … Continue reading Planning a Disney Trip With a First-Timer